JIMRY fireworks Co.,Ltd is one of the leading pyrotechnic corporation in china . Our company is located in the famours fireworks birthplace Liuyang City,Hunan province,China.It is comprehensive company ,including manufacturing ,exporting and display of fireworks.    We have first class technology,perfect testing equipments ,self-control quality system and scientific research institute.wemake our products according to traditional craft with modern scientific technology,and EN15947 europe standards, and AFSLAmerica standards ect.    Our main offer : any types of both professional f...
JM1207 100 Shots Magic Shots
Name:100 Shots Magic Shots Packing:40/6
JM1206 80 Shots Magic Shots
Name:80 Shots Magic Shots Packing:40/6
JM1205 60 Shots Magic Shots
Name:60 Shots Magic Shots Packing:40/6
JM1204 40 Shots Magic Shots
Name:40 Shots Magic Shots Packing:50/6
JM1203 30 Shots Magic Shots
Name:30 Shots Magic Shots Packing:36/12
JM1202 20 Shots Magic Shots
Name:20 Shots Magic Shots Packing:48/12
JM1201 10 Shots Magic Shots
Name:10 Shots Magic Shots Packing:80/12
JM1200 5 Shots Magic Shots
Name:5 Shots Magic Shots Packing:120/12
This is a ground firework product composed of a combination of multiple single cylinders, which produces sound, light, color, floating objects and other effects when fired. the packing of this product is 1/1,140 shots, and the inner diameter of the tube is 25*30*175mm and 30*36*175mm. A specification with a weight of 1923g, whether it is a New Year’s holiday, a wedding, a promotion, or even the completion of a building, the opening of a store, etc., as long as it is a sign of festivity, people are used to setting off firecrackers to celebrate, representing festivity, liveliness and harmony .